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srvcOur services involve:  pumping of all waste water from tank *, de-scaling urinal where appropriate, refilling tank with a long term odor control that helps in the breakdown of waste, cleaning and sanitizing interior walls, floor urinal and seat, all trash and graffiti  removal, restocking of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, urinal tab, and air fragrance as needed . If restrooms have sinks: hand wash water is replenished with fresh water, paper towels and soap are restocked. Checking for repairs/damage and reporting to dispatch. Communicating on paperwork and GPS to confirm “complete service”.

*Note:  No waste is dumped on site. All waste is taken to a local waste facility and disposed of accordingly to the regulations required by the facilities.

There are many different programs clients can sign up on with their portable toilet rental. From times of cleaning per month to what style of toilet units are needed, Bear Necessities can custom tailor your order to maximize the customer’s budget. Contact us today to receive a custom quote for your particular product and service needs.

The services we offer

A monthly rental with a weekly cleaning.

(Gets 4 cleanings per month ) Good for 10 people working a 40 hour work week.

A monthly rental with an every other Week Cleaning

(Only 2 cleanings per month) Good for up to 5 people working a 40 hour work week.

A monthly rental with a onetime cleaning.

(Only 1 cleaning per month) Good for 1 to 3 people working a 40 hour work week.

RV Service:

Removal of waste for 1 RV tank

Extra Cleaning Service:

When once a week is not enough or service to the owne’rs own portable restroom is applicable.

Weekend Rental:

Rental for 1-3 days. No extra cleanings