Burley: 678-2304 | Twin Falls: 734-3508 | Buhl: 543-5862 | Toll Free: 877-678-2304 | PO Box 1952, Twin Falls, ID 83303


“Cleanest, best smelling toilet I have used”

–Chris H (Sales)

“Cub Scouts Pack 106 would like to thank you for your generosity and supporting our troops. Every donation we get is extremely appreciated. Thank you for your help in letting our pack grow and go!”

–Pack 106, Buhl.

“We have really enjoyed working with Bear Necessities, the customer service is wonderful. A crazy wind storm blew through our job site and knocked over 2 of the rented portables we rented from Bear Necessities. We called Andy and he was there before I could drive out to the job site. This kind of customer service is now what we have at all of our job sites.”

–Kristina, Affinity Landscape Design.

“Bear Necessities gives our employees a clean Portable Toilets month after month. This has made my job easier, with no complaints to hear about each week. I wanted to find a company that could service these units properly and not give me excuses every time we needed something.”

–Jim, Dairy