Whether you are organizing a large community event, a wedding, a company picnic, or a family reunion proper planning is key to a successful event. Under normal conditions, most people will use sanitation facilities every four hours. Weather conditions and consumption of food and beverages could increase their visits to the restroom by 30 to 40 percent.

Good planners ensure their guests are comfortable so they can focus fully on the event. A bad experience with a portable restroom can affect how long your guest stay, how much money they spend, and their attitudes towards the event itself.

There are many factors to consider when planning the number of portable restrooms units needed for your special event. Here is a Guide to the minimum number of unites required when no pumping services is provided, based on a 50/50 mix of men and woman. If you are servicing alcohol at your event, add 10 to 20 % more units. Also add more units if your event will tend to have a lot of people needing to use the facilities at approximately the same time rather than spaced evenly throughout the day. Don't forget to include the number of volunteers, security people and vendors that will use the facilities along with your guest.

Not sure what to order or what questions to ask? Here is a checklist of areas to gather information as part of your planning. Bear Necessities will ensure you have the right number and types of restrooms to meet your goals and give everyone a good impression.

TYPE OF EVENT AND TRAFFIC FLOW - Different kinds of events required different services. You may want a nicer unit for your wedding then you would for a construction site.

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES AND DURATION OF THE EVENT - More people and longer events generally mean you need more units. Having more units cuts down the time your guests wait in line and allows them to spend more time enjoying themselves or spending money at your event

OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE - On warmer days, users will take in more liquids and make more tips to the restrooms.

FOOD AND BEVEARGE AVAILABILITY - Units that are placed on sites where users will consuming a lot of food and beverages will typically be used more than average.

SPECIAL NEEDS - If the event is likely to include a lot of seniors or people with physical challenges, accessibility and size of the units will be important to consider

TERRAIN AND CURBING - Portable restrooms generally need to be placed on flat surfaces and are serviced by relatively large trucks which must be parked near the units. If some of your units need to be handicap-accessible, curbing and ramps will also need to be discussed.


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